A Glorious Day!

Zappa's library is finally available on iTunes...


To the Clueless Douche on the Bridge This am...

While bike commuting to work today,  I saw a trio of women on the pedestrian ramp of one of our bridges who were in distress.  One of their number had taken ill and was sitting down.  I stopped to check on her and stayed with them until EMS arrived.

We had her lie down and propped up her feet while she waited.  We put some fabric on the rail of the walkway to block the sun.

While waiting for EMS some tool with no helmet to muss his Yanni do had to stop because two way traffic was blocked off by our little band.

He got all indignant and told us, "She can't lay there!",  before biking off in a huff.  Good thing you left buddy.  If you'd have said anything else, I'd likely have been forced to call over the rail, "Hey $^%$^$, you can't swim there!"...

I want to come back clueless in my next life.