The Gun Fetish

The Merriam-Webster Definitions of ASSAULT

a : a violent physical or verbal attack
b : a military attack usually involving direct combat with enemy forces
c : a concerted effort (as to reach a goal or defeat an adversary)
a : a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person (as by lifting a fist in a threatening manner) that puts the person in immediate danger of or in apprehension of such harm or contact
b : rape
So the gun fetishists who continue to promote an alternative lifestyle of gun love in an artificial atmosphere of fear adore weapons made and named for violent attacks, military attacks,  threats to others that put them in immediate danger, etc. 

As for fetishes, to each his or her own - as long as it's consenting but I don't consent to be placed at risk by some man-child who still wants to play army or cowboys and indians with live ammo. 

I'm fine with hunting rifles, shotguns, etc.  These have some utility beyond testosterone boosters.


Ideas are not People

My brother recently told me that I need to be more tolerant of religion.  I told him he had it all wrong, and was making one of the great liberal mistakes:

People deserve the same set of basic rights within reason.  Ideas are up for grabs.  I don't have to respect ideas.  Ideas have no inalienable rights.