High Capacity Ode

Need not retreat when my hackles are raised
Any rash act will in some circles be praised
Iron in hand works as substitute courage
More guns is the answer promoted by some
(Because more firepower makes so much sense)

Feel threatened by some kid I am stalking?
Feel lessened by his dismissive mocking?
A poser with a gun out in the night
He retreats but I advance gun in hand
(Claim self defense against one departing?)

I much love that added sense of power
Makes up what’s seen lacking in the shower
Testosterone free to come out and play
No need to heed that most prudent warning
(Of living to fight yet another day)

My cash of guns don’t threaten you at all
I’m not the one who’s shooting at a mall
Hope you’re lucky when I clean all my guns
That high power round won’t respect any walls
(Oops I was so sure it wasn’t loaded)

Your tacit consent, please, to my armed might
To respect my freedom, honor my right
Collateral damage is necessary
To preserve my sacred right to carry
(Tough break for those kids without a permit)

Each month a grizzly bell does peel and toll
Like the report from every trigger pull
But do recall that many are killed by cars
And some just trip and fall on a loose rug
Should these things not also receive your ire?

I am a loser but not with a gun
Blasting shit to pieces is lots of fun
Iron makes me a big man tall as am oak
Cold touch twists my soul like Gollum’s precious
(Take more than dead children to give it up)

Add 4 parts mental illness to the pot
Next add social isolation with care
Add first person shooters liberally
And easy access to high powered fare
(Then sit back and watch the show in real time)

Excuses and the typical refrain
Spew simpering platitudes to ease others’ pain
About being home with Jesus, how very nice
Seems almost a favor worth the high price
(But our world is less now absent their smiles)

Guns don't kill people, it's people who stray
They'd just go and do it some other way
Not so easy, nor the counts near as high
Or from such a distance or certainty
(We'll not change our ways, it wasn't our kid)


Harvey said...

That last really hits things on the head: "It wasn't our kid/brother/friend/etc." It strikes me that the large majority of so-called second amendment "supporters" are also avowed Christians. What happened to "We are(or should be)our Brother's keeper!" It appears the the NRA has now lost all credibility that they may have had in urging right-to-carry laws as a deterrent to a Police State by advocating a policeman in every classroom.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Another amazing lack of insight came from La Pierre of the NRA.
He says that part of our problem is that we don't have a national database that tracks the mentally ill - this from the guy that goes red at the notion of a national registry of guns...

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Love it!

Oh, and to be that obnoxious asshole that corrects things that don't really matter, it's "cache." Unless you were referring to their cost.

(I know, I am that jerk in grade school...)
(It's just that I rarely see you make any error to correct!)