It Almost Happend!

The Apocalypse of December 21.  It was a close thing.  Though not associated with any of the misrepresentations about the Mayan calender, we almost lost the planet yesterday.  The NRA's long awaited solution to school shootings - armed guards.  The simultaneous explosion of so many irony meters almost set fire to the atmosphere.  The NRA - long preaching a mantra of gun ownership being the only safeguard against a police state, suggest that the solution to idiots with guns is a police state.


Harvey said...

If we can't arm every teacher and child (because of those silly Libs who want to torpedo the second amendment)What other choice could there be?

pboyfloyd said...

It's likely surprising to them to learn this, but they forget right away anyways.

It's the same with the Reps. in Congress, who forget right away when they hear that the Debt Ceiling is THEIR problem, they sign off on every spending bill.

They're like a wife who buys crap every single month then berates her husband for poor money management, but he loves her so he can't refuse her anything so it IS his fault because he's a total idiot.

Also since when did 'showing leadership' start meaning 'fold to all our ideology', as in, "The President is showing a complete lack of folding to our ideology!"?

The Crackpot said...

Interesting but, perhaps inconsistent. Who exactly is advocating the police state? The NRA? Hmm. More likely the pols who want the population disarmed. Still, there is a problem. What to do? You simply can't disarm the populace. Someone would have to actually do it and it would result in way too many dead citizens and police officers. Ok then lets start with enforcing the laws already on the books. Oh wait, that's not it either. The prisons are too full and we put too many minorities away as it is. Can't be putting minorities away for violating the gun laws. So what's left? OK, got it! Let the drug users and pushers out of jail, replace them with the illegal gun users. And while we're at it, lets also enforce the immigration laws and....oh wait. Hmmm.