Cover Memes Both Good and Bad

For my choice of a really good cover, submitted for your approval: Johnny Cash's cover of Trent Reznor's 'Hurt'. Seeker mentioned (not positively as I recall) that Cash did a cover of 'Personal Jesus' which I agree was not one of the better ones. However on the same album cash did this cover of Hurt' which in my mind was the high point of Cash's last album before he died. I couldn't get it to load so here's a link to a youtube video.


Reznor himself is reported to have said that this version tops even his.

Another that I liked (which shocked my wife who knows my general dislike of remakes) is the version of 'Let it Be' from the Movie and soundtrack of 'Across the Universe'.

Bad covers are so common that one is loath to select the most loathsome. I mentioned on Seeker's site that MacArthur Park by William Shatner is an obvious choice, but perhaps far too obvious. (I do believe that he made that album to prove to the world that acting wasn't his weakest suite.) Almost any lounge singer from Vegas could be tapped to provide cannon fodder here as well (yes, Celine).

My vote for worst is largely aimed as an indictment of that most foul of corrosive influences on contemporary music. I speak of Disney (phfft) of course! They must be stopped before they infect and homogenize all of life.

I am looking for the specific link but I banned it from the house when I heard my daughter playing it. It was this boy band soul suckingly bland rendition of Alice Cooper's 'Schools out for Summer.' I think it was by some ironically named group called the Hit Crew. These guys sounded like they were on Thorazine. It was horrible. Alvin and the Chipmonks also covered this song - apparently in excrement. Again that would be too easy.

I seeing if there is a video, but it may be best to spare you.

My daughter has become somewhat of a champion to her classmates because Dad downloads all the golden oldies they like now in their original form. I know that she was first in her 6th grade class with Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf, Twisted Sister, etc. on her ipod. Not all the parents are thrilled...


Asylum Seeker said...

Yeah, I agree with Reznor: Johnny Cash's version is better! The other cover as about even with the original I'd say. Not better, not worse, at least not notably, just different. Which, really, was my view on most covers (including Cash's Personal Jesus cover...which I saw as robbing the original of too much, but still good enough to stand alone as a song, thus not earning as much ire as a cover that is not only worse than the original, but terrible on its own merits).

"Not all the parents are thrilled..."

That's an ominous statement...

Anonymous said...

Johnny Cash's version is great.

The only covers I notice which come up ad nauseum are Foreigner and Journey. Rasberries to the lot of them.

mac said...

Agreed Cash's "Hurt" is a great cover.

I am glad he did that one. I think it helped me remember how good he could be.