Grumble, grumble

CMS released the hounds a couple of weeks back. The single most important project under Obamacare came out. It is the CMMI Innovations Challenge. A one billion dollar free for all to demonstrate actual working projects that make care better and cheaper. It's looking for the magic bullet that makes everything all right.

It's a frustrating process. First there are the 'webinars'. Information programs where government representatives give out some information and try to act calm when the 89th guy asks the same dumb question someone else asked 4 seconds earlier. I hate these things because the only people who ask questions are 1) idiots who didn't listen to the presentation, and 2) gas bags who never pass up open mike day as a means to demonstrate their self-proclaimed superior knowledge.

Next, there's the Letter of Intent. It must contain a description of how you will change the world in 750 characters - including spaces and punctuation! I suppose I should be glad they didn't demand it be put into Haiku.

Then the proposal. Everything - letters of support, budgets, research plans, models, technology, training, administration - all has to fit in 40 pages of 12 point font double spaced. 20 pages of text in other words. Fix the healthcare system in 20 pages.

One has to wonder how many great ideas these days miss out because some innovator isn't good at sound bytes.

Oh well...

grumble, grumble.


pboyfloyd said...

I feel your pain.

GearHedEd said...
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GearHedEd said...


If you need help with haikus, I once wrote an entire online dating profile in haiku.

It actually generated a couple of quality hits...