The Arrow of Time

What's responsible for the arrow of time?  There's a lot of physics and philosophy on the subject including concepts that suggest that time isn't an arrow at all.  But in at least one sense I think it's safe to say that time is an arrow - at least for sentient beings.  Cognition, requires an accumulation of information that must be converted into knowledge.  That's a temporal process.  It requires a forward sequence of events.   Any learned behavior, requires past experiences that lead to lessons learned.  It is impossible to create a learning model that doesn't involve time.  Sentient beings perceive the passage of time in universe within a framework of prior events that define historical contexts.  What I ate last night, what I saw on TV this morning, what I read on Saturday, etc. , the framework we use to contextualize our existence.  Thoughts?

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Big Mark 243 said...

Other than agreeing with your statement? Lessee, there really is not much more to add... the sensations of time and the words that we have used to describe it would all confirm that time moves forward.

Our sentience and the processes we use for our own function would only confirm this. The biggest conflict in society is the refusal to move with the arrow, and being left to the mercy of "The Langoliers".