The Natural Selection as Embraced by the Roman Catholic Church

Whatever else it does, you can't say that the Roman Church opposes natural selection.  Just look at their stance on abortion and you can clearly see how the church gives in to animalistic urges of its male members (both usages apply here). 

Abortion is opposed even when the mother's life is in danger.  Many Catholic 'thinkers' state have stated that only if the fetus is unsalvageable should the mother's needs be considered.  Otherwise its a case of which 'person' trumps who - mother, or indeterminate lump of cells robbing her of vitality.  Hard to choose?

The Catholic choice is obviously the biological one - the male primate favors survival of its offspring.  It, alone of the two, shares its genes.   So why bother with the female when an offspring is in peril?  You can always find another mate, but offspring are hard to come by.

So, hats off to the Church for biological pragmatism.  At least as long as they can keep women out of the halls of power.  With common sense approaches like this, it's easy to see why morality should remain in the hands of a select few old men.  After all, absent the church, where ever would we find moral guidance?  From rational discourse?  perish (or is it parish) the thought...

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Harvey said...

Obviously, though, The Church's view of "natural selection" is tainted by the fact that if a pregnancy puts the mother at high risk, whether physically or emotionally, it is unlikely that the fetus will be born at all, or, if it is, that its need for the Mother's nurturing for it to survive after birth will be met. Of course, since the Church's "real interest" should be in the potential child's "soul" (rather than its eventual tithing), it's post-birth situation isn't of much importance to them.