Deeply Disappointed

A headline in the paper this morning looked extremely hopeful - "Prosecutors to Grill Rove Today". Imagine my chagrin when upon reading the article I found that they only intended to question him intensely...
On a positive note, it would appear that Stacy and Seeker are our winners in the great Crayola Contest of 2009. Jamaican Jade and Yellow Cake were tied for first place. Each will win a copy of Pliny's totally corrupt coloring book when it hits the stores. The image below right is a page from that splendid collection.

http://www.crayola.com/canwehelp/contact/ask.cfm is where you can suggest to Crayola that the time has come for an underground and subversive box of 64.

I'm in the mood for butchering poetry - if anyone has a suggestion for a topic to which I might apply my highly limited style, I'm all ears.


pboyfloyd said...

How about a poem titled, "The Good, the Godly and the Greedy!"

This is fun, titles are easy.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

hmmmm - interesting title pboy - I shall commence to noodle on the rhyme.

Stacy S. said...

It might take some time ... but I'm sure you'll do fine.