Some people have expressed concerns about imprisoning terrorist suspects in the US.

This crazy malignant and totally evil SOB has been successfully incarcerated in US jails for more than 40 years.

Tell me again why this malignant and totally evil SOB's alleged henchmen can't...

They kind of look alike don't they?


mac said...

I think because Charlie's family isn't friends with TWO Presidents.

But, I could be wrong?

Michael Lockridge said...

I can't recall from which movie I got this quote, but it stuck with me.

"Justice is the ideal. The law is what we have to live with."

I do know that the bastard and his bitches could be made very dead, if someone had the balls to release the hounds. Hounds that would not be hindered by boundary or national sovereignty.

There are some very good hounds out there. It would be messy, but the job would get done.

I think it is the mess that the politicians don't want to deal with. After all, the bearded bastard DOES have a following, and contacts. He also has hounds of his own.

Charlie is just crazy, and all he has in his corner are the voices.


pboyfloyd said...

But these are the same people who think that torture is okay and that unfettered capitalism was working just dandy 'til Obama pre-emptively (i.e. before he became the Prez) fucked everything up.

IOW morons.

Stacy said...

Charlie's brother lives in Garberville. (It's a weird place, he's a weird person too - btw)

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Man, I cannot imagine the emotional baggage of having Manson as a brother.
Probably doesn't list him as next of kin on any job applications, I suspect.

Stacy said...

I don't think he's the type to work. If you get my DRIFT.