Soulware as a Sevice

I don't know why I did not see this sooner. I have had an epiphany. I bought a new computer recently. It arrived with all the software pre-installed. To activate it I had to agree to the terms and conditions which basically state that I don't really own the software. I'm basically just leasing it. When the computer goes belly up, I have to get a new software suite. Some part of the hardware fails and the software is toast too.

That was when it hit me - That's what happens to us! We come with pre-installed software that only runs on this model of brain (CPU, RAM and Memory requirements for the system, etc.) - Soulware as it were. Chimp brains for example, don't have the right CPU. Dolphin brains have the CPU but not enough RAM. Mouse and Rat brains for example can only run Windows 7. The big provisioning system in the sky preloads the software at the factory and off we go. We don't actually own the soul, which can be disposed of at The Great Software Makers discretion.

Too bad it's not a polytheistic belief - we could stand some competition or else we'll never get any upgrades.

(Sorry, left over post - didn't want to waste it.)

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GearHedEd said...

I made a similar observation on Debunking Christianity a couple of weeks ago. It basically goes:

Brain is to hardware as instinct is to firmware as learning is to software installations.

The actual comments relating to this are very near to the bottom of the thread.