Aids for the Religiously Impaired

Gender Determination: For those in parts of Afghanistan where there may well be no remaining biology books, a short primer on sex determination of offspring.

Each of your cells has 23 pairs of chromosomes. One of those pairs contains the chromosomes that determine gender. Since you are a man, you most likely have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. The Y chromosome determines male gender. Now, in a process that is not described in any holy text, your body produces little sex cells called sperm, while your wife's makes eggs. These sex cells are unique in that each has only one copy from each of the 23 pairs of chromosomes, meaning that instead of 46 chromosomes like all your other cells) the sex cells have 23. Since women (like your wife, presumably) have only X sex chromosomes, you can pretty much guarantee that the egg will have one.

Your seed however can have either an X or a Y in it.

In order for your wife to be with child (by your efforts at least) you must impregnate her with your seed or sperm. That way, the 23 chromosomes in your seed can be combined with the 23 in the wife's egg to produce an offspring, which depending upon whether one of your Y chromosome bearing seeds or one of the X bearing ones get's there first, will be either a boy (XY) or a girl (XX).
So, if your child turns out to be a girl, it's completely your doing, not your wife's. Or it's clearly God's will, in which case who are you to argue. If you don't like that, then you should kill yourself or pound on your Johnson or testicles with a ball peen hammer or the jaw bone of an ass to express your displeasure. Or have your mother strangle you for failing to give her a grandson.

Christian Persecution in the modern USA. Little history lesson - since 323 AD it's been the Christians doing the persecuting. Being told to mind your own business is not persecution. Being persecuted is not having someone roll their eyes at you for wearing a big crucifix around your neck - it's being required to wear it so that the government knows who you are and can find you anytime it decides to get rid of you. Get over the martyrdom, and stop pining for a world where nobody can question your right to tell them what to do.


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