A Slippery Slope Argument

Reading some of the spin coming out of Komen, other organizations that have targeted Planned Parenthood, and the editorial page, I do see evidence of the slippery slope argument.

It goes as follows:

Right to Life

Right to Life

Right to Life

Right to Life

Right to Lie

It's easy to forget that the moral high ground crumbles quickly when eroded by lies.


Michael Lockridge said...

I find that dismaying, the ability of those who proclaim to hold truth in high regard to manipulate facts and information for "the cause." I especially find the shock images used to oppose abortion troublesome. Not those which might be legitimate, but the many images which are not true representations of abortions at all.

Passion does not excuse lies for the good of the cause, whatever the cause, for any order proclaiming to honor truth as a prime value. On the other hand, a social order which can abort unborn children without remorse is far from admirable. Such an act, if performed at all, should be accompanied by grief and sadness.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

I agree with your sentiments Mike.