The Bad Penny

I suppose I should be up front and disclose that I am not a fan of Dick Cheney. I'm sure that is shocking. Did anyone see the first part of Hannity's 'interview' with Cheney last night? It was on FOX, the voice of revolution, of course.


Stacy said...

Nope - sorry.

Asylum Seeker said...

Part 1 of 4I am sure I'll get back to here to start ranting once I get around to watching it.

Asylum Seeker said...

A brief summary:

Why don't people like me like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter?
Obama is anti-American!
Rhythmic breathing!
"Distinguish between good guys and bad guys"!
Torture was needed because we had no idea what the f#$% was going on!
Torture worked, goddammit!

I would very much like to see these records that he speaks showing that torture was effective. It's a rather surprising claim. But using the fact that we have been safe for the past 7 years as a justification for torture is both selling our national soul and claim to morality for the sake of safety and (possibly) a glorified case of a Tiger-repelling rock. Which is, frankly, not a good combination.