More Torture

I have a very simple and effective ethical and moral test that I teach the surgery residents and PA's. Any time they are confronted with a difficult decision I tell them to recite the situation out loud but to precede the statement with the phrase; "Well, your honor, it was like this...". If it sounds hanky said that way, then it usually is. For moral situations I substitute; "Well, Dad, it was like this...". As simplistic as it sounds I have found clarity in this way in all manner of circumstances.

I bring this up because I can't help wishing W, et al. would have used this method when they were discussing torture. I hear a lot of discussions now on the news about whether torture is or is not effective. To be honest, I don't care. Because torture always fails the 'dad' test each and every time I think it through. It's just morally wrong.

People will always come back at me with the old, "but if you had to decide, yadayada, you'd probably think differently." maybe. I hope not, but that's not the point. We have government and laws because individuals don't always do the right thing particularly when it's hard. But shouldn't government represent us at our best, instead of our worst?


pboyfloyd said...

I agree. How can anyone look up to national leaders who lie right in your face.

The other side called Clinton on that and he did it to preserve the honor of a woman.

NOW they're telling us that 'we' only torture for 'driven snow' reasons?

Talk about 'big balls', I think that they have a huge extra testicle where their brains ought to be.

Michael Lockridge said...

I like your system. Unfortunately, the people we are assessing generally consider themselves above the law and wiser than Dad. They also consider themselves wiser than those who elected them. How often do we get the truth?

Less government, and fewer doing the governing. It won't solve the problem, but I still think it is preferable.


Stacy S. said...

There ought to be a test to pass before becoming a political candidate. Most of these people are just plain stupid.

And we're stupid for electing them.

mac said...

I doubt few in our modern government could pass your test, Pliny.


Richelle said...

the irony just kills me.

a few weeks ago the local inbred retards of east texas were up in arms opposing obama's comments about the united states not a christian nation.

now these same stupid hicks are up in arms defending the use of torture on detainees.

what... the... fuck is wrong with these people?

i guess they think jesus would have been a supporter of waterboarding...

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Hey Richelle! long time no see - how is Texas treating you?

Richelle said...

well, the weather is getting hotter and the people are getting dumber.

i've been on the verge of going insane lately because of all the baptist psychos around here. every time i read the local paper my head almost explodes. and that is why i decided i should check out a few of my favorite internet blogs :)

you guys remind me that there are intelligent and sane people in the world.

oh, and i'm getting married on may 9th (yay!) so i'll get to spend a week away from hickville when we go on our honeymoon.