National Yellow Cake Day!

Today lots of snarky pseudo-conservatives are protesting the Obama stimulus bills with mock tea parties. It's very appropriate that they substitute some inane symbolism for actually having any idea how to properly govern. But the more old Pliny thinks about it the more I think it might be a good idea. So Pliny proposes that May 15 of this year will be a day when the rest of us celebrate the previous administration's, and it's media lap dogs, legacy of lies and subterfuge. I am calling for a National Yellow Cake Day! On this day, all true friends of democracy and liberty will eat a piece of yellow cake to commemerate the costs of accepting disinformation on face value. What say you!? Are you game! If so we need to spread the word and organize the effort. Participating sites may proudly use the yellow cake emblem below.


Stacy S. said...

Will the 16th work as well? :-(

I can't have 2 cakes in one week!

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

What is your BD that day?