The Four Levels of Truth

It's simplistic, but I think of truth as having 4 levels:
Truth should need no introduction, but often does. It's objective reality. But not all things can be objectively quantified, such as why one individual did 'x' or 'y'. Their behavior may have been so convoluted by 2 and/or 3 that the actual truth of their actions is indeterminable.

Perceptions are what drives most rationale people and provide an opportunity for education and science.

Delusions are tough to displace and about the best you can hope for is to mitigate their effects on others and prevent their spread.

Lies are easy - shine the light on them at every opportunity. It's hard enough to deal with the interplay of truth, perception, and delusion without having to deal with lies and liars.

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pboyfloyd said...

Ain't that the truth.