The Eight-Squared Ode

Come see how they align, in perfect registry, soon to sacrifice themselves to a child's mediocre artistry;

Remember how each sans color was a perfect match, for every other in the batch; each clothed neatly in unspoiled paper and each tip immaculate with identical taper;

All those floor seats supporting more pedestrian chromic alchemy, while the exotic hues smugly wait above in that heavenly balcony;

Young and scion of one who toiled long coming home weary to the core, I was denied this visual feast and had to make due with only the 24; From no box seats would my colors descend, lest I begged to borrow Azure from a wealthier friend; Years later when grown and no longer poor, I went out and splurged and bought the 64.

Oh how the 64 reflected the breath of our society's reach, such as when MLK got flesh renamed peach. For some reason teachers thought Prussian Blue was not right, so thereafter it changed to permanent midnight. And who can forget ol' Indian red, a victim of misunderstanding that lead to chestnut in its stead;

Long was the anguish that my future wife did suffer from that fateful trip, when at 9 that fall severed each and every brand new tip. Even today that is the part she can recall, far more than the details of skinned knees from the fall;

And yes, today inflation has added 56 more, but in my memories 120 will never match the magic of the 64...


mac said...

Fan fave is Blue.
How 'bout you?

I'm not sure I can stand
the day when Black is replaced with African/American. Too much controversy for simple parafan!

In my heart,
this subject has always been a part.
Since I was a small child,
my fascination more than mild.
I remember thinking this is great,
though my family was poor affording only eight.
Though I could never stay in the line,
I liked it just fine.
Instead, I'd scribble on the wall, in the hall, 'til my mother brought about my fall. She took my joy(briefly) teaching me once and for all.

Yeah :-)

Asylum Seeker said...

Good work Pliny. They seriously have 120 colors of crayola crayons now? They had to make crayon names up with just 64. "Macaroni and cheese" was a color for the love of Judas! Having a light tone called "flesh" was just an interesting oversight. "Indian red" though...we are just not very P.C. about our injuns, are we?

Stacy said...

Very nice Pliny!

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Nice addition Mac

Actually the indian red was an interesting PC issue since the color was actually named from the dye - from India, but was mistakenly equated with native American's. Yep 120 colors now. The box is the size of a greyhound bus.

Michael Lockridge said...

Though some have mentioned money spent,

none have mentioned the scent, the scent!

Open the new box, and colors leap

Whether opulent collection or little box cheap.

Though the eye is caught by fabulous chroma,

The nose is awakened to the destinctive aroma.

Thanks for sharing the nostalgic rhyme

recalling the delight of a simpler time.

I am inspired! I shall look

for a fresh box for me, and a coloring book!

Asylum Seeker said...

"Actually the indian red was an interesting PC issue since the color was actually named from the dye - from India, but was mistakenly equated with native American's."

Is it wrong that that makes it more hilarious?

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Is it wrong that that makes it more hilarious?


If it's wrong I don't wanna be right...

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Thanks to all who versed their responses. All are enjoyed and I may add them to the main post.