Another Annoying Question

My wife says that I'm really dense but perhaps you can help me here. Why is it that many of the people who claim that without the control of religion, individuals cannot be trusted to police their own actions, are the same ones that think that we don't need government to oversee the actions of corporations?


Michael Lockridge said...

Not that simple. Not all of them (the religionists) are in that camp. Of those who are, a lot simply follow interesting lines of reasoning.

I am still amazed that the idea that "God has blessed this country" leads to the sanctification of capitalism, the purported foundation of America.

I have to imagine that the "capitalists" have capitalized on this association, leading to lots of opportunities for pirating.

The vilification of communism in early twentieth century America probably had something to do with the whole mess.

My Libertarianism is largely a reaction to the excesses and stupidity demonstrated by the two "legitimate" parties. Regulation may be necessary, but stupid regulation is, uh, stupid.

My security word is "upendol." Interesting.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

upendol - Is that a new Drug that that causes you to do handstands?

Thanks for the thoughts Mike. I'm not a big fan of stupid regs either (I live in a Town that loves them) but we can't let the greed mongers loose either. There has to be a happy median.

BTW - I had hoped that you would critique my last story with your interest in writing. It's an evolving process.

mac said...

Thinking it the height of morality to be good merely for god is akin to thinking the man across the street is a "good guy" because he didn't murder everyone in the neighborhood because he didn't want to go to jail.

GearHedEd said...

Pffft! That's easy...

Teh Fundies are well-practiced at believing several contradictory things at once, so this thing you've noticed is just something that comes naturally to them.

In other words, there's no requirement that their position has to make sense...