Springtime, Yet Again


mac said...

Chez Pliny is looking good.

Easter Sunday, I had two seperate groups of elderly women stop by asking if they could have some of my Lillies (I have several varieties growing throughout my yard).

"Of course", I said, "Take all you wish"

I didn't bother to tell them, the flowers were planted before I ever bought the home or that I have never done a thing to encourage their growth.
Your garden, on the other hand, looks well cared for.

Jared said...

What is "springtime" and what are those colorful things?

All joking aside, we usually get about a month each of the vernal, autumnal, and hiemal seasons, the rest is summer. Partly due to the "humid subtropical climate," I think.

Harry C Pharisee said...

That's beautiful! Like Hobbiton except better.

You don't perchance have hairy feet do you?

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Well, er no, not really Harry. Nor are my feet a tad large.