Rapture Playlist

My friends say I have a playlist for any occasion... Here's my selection for Saturday, May 21. It forms a sort of rock opera if played in this order.

  1. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' The Righteous Brothers
  2. Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival
  3. Monster/Suicide/America Steppenwolf
  4. People Get Ready Eva Cassidy
  5. Won't Get Fooled Again The Who
  6. It's Now or Never El Vez
  7. Save Me Queen
  8. No Mercy Cheap Trick
  9. Already Gone The Eagles
  10. Wake Up Rage Against the Machine
  11. Angel of Death Slayer
  12. Don’t Fear the Reaper Blue Oyster Cult
  13. Building The Perfect Beast Don Henley
  14. Lucifer The Alan Parson Project
  15. I’m Sorry John Denver (Hey! just remember who you are pleading with...)
  16. No One's Leaving Jane's Addiction
  17. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll Judas Priest
  18. Helter Skelter The Beatles
  19. Highway to Hell AC/DC
  20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door Eric Clapton
  21. The Battle Of Evermore Led Zeppelin
  22. It’s the End of the World as We Know It R.E.M.
  23. 42 Coldplay
  24. Luck Be A Lady Frank Sinatra
  25. Don't Come Around Here No More Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  26. Some Like It Hot Robert Palmer


Saint Brian the Godless said...

Great list.

Don't you think though that number 22, rem's 'it's the end of the world as we now it' be number one?

If we have parties, can I recommend that they are around bonfires of bibles?

It would be a genuine 'bonfire of the vanities' then, wouldn't it?

Saint Brian the Godless said...

How about 'jesus is just allright by me?'

Saint Brian the Godless said...

with me. Not by me. oops.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

good thoughts all, B, The rock opera as I envisioned it worked its way from business as usual to the big finale. So that's why REM is later. Jesus is just alright is a contender but after just butchering one of their classics last time, I figured I give them a pass this time ;)

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Skeeter Davis' "End Of The World"

Another necessary tune for the end of days.

Saint Brian the Godless said...

I also like '1999' by Prince, as in, 'tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999...'

It always seemed a bit apocalyptic to me, what with the silliness at the time about the world ending in the year 2000. And Y2K.

Saint Brian the Godless said...

I remember this science fiction book title from my youth, one that I never did get around to reading...

I think it was Michael Moorcock...

'The Party At The End Of Time.'

So let's have one! I'll bring the bibles!

Saint Brian the Godless said...

Or maybe it was 'the dancers at the end of time...'

Something like that.

mac said...

You have a great list here.

I think any list needs a bit of Motorhead. I like God Was Never On Your Side

There's always XTC with Dear God.

I've been thinking, Jesus has been sequestered for quite a while now (2,000 years?), he just might be ready to party....And, I just heard This little ditty a few days ago.

mac said...

What about Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire ?

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Definitely need the Motorhead on this list. I like Eve of Destruction too though - so many choices, so few Horseman....

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

B definitely 1999. Prince will be having a party no doubt.

Jared said...

I have a few of those for my "Rapture Party" playlist: 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 19, 20, 22

I also have these:
Muse: Apocalypse Please
NIN: Heresy
NIN: The Beginning of the End
Apocalyptica: Burn
Lacuna Coil: Heaven's a Lie
Lacuna Coil: Closer
It, of course, ends with Incubus "Nowhere Fast"

I'm still not done as I have to sync my music library onto my phone having just flashed a new OS. I'm still undecided on drinks for the evening, though; one thing I am sure of is there will be much laughter. It'll be one hell of a good time!

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

I left off NIN because I heard that Satan was intimidated by Trent Reznor

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

And I was remiss in not including something like

Father O'blivion from the late great Frank Z

How we wish you were still here making fun of Newt, et al.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Oh, and great news! The end of the world is going to be a rolling affair. It starts at 6 pm local time. So as long as New Zealand doesn't go dark 1n 11 hours, I'm not planning anything to drastic. If it does, then I've still got 19 hours to play with. Sucks to be in Samoa....

mac said...

D'oh !
I forgot The Final Countdown by Europe.